Atlantis rising

The RTP (Returning To Player) for Atlantis Rising is a special type of no deposit casino game. It uses a random number generator (RNG) system, and as such it can’t be predicted or directly influenced in any way. That’s right, no deposits are required in order to play. But, how does the RNG function and what exactly does it do?

In order to explain, we need to take a closer look at the RNG itself. A random number generator (RNG) is a computer program that generates random numbers based on some external parameters. In the case of the Atlantic casino slot games, these parameters take the form of random numbers or sequences which can be thought of as being “generated by the machine.” Generally speaking, the casino will keep a copy of all spins which are received during gaming and they will use this information to decide whether a particular spin is worth a set amount of money.

For our purposes, we’ll assume that all spins on the Atlantic slots are independent and don’t have any prerequisites attached to them. This leads us to the RNG. It is this RNG which decides whether a particular symbol is worth 1 point or not. There are a total of nine symbols that can be used on the video slot machines that run the show: the star, the dolphin, the pyramid, the fish, a lightening bolt, a heart, a lightning bolt, a skull, a dragon, a lightning bolt, and finally, the atlas. Now, all of these symbols have different meanings, and depending upon the particular video slot machine which is being operated, each symbol may contribute something to the performance of the machine.

For instance, the symbol for the dolphin represents desire, while the symbol for the fish suggests a desire for something else: winning. (The other symbols contribute nothing to this equation.) Each symbol on the Atlantic slots corresponds to a probability with respect to the actual slot ball which is being spun. The more often the symbol is seen, the higher the probability of hitting it. In this way, the RNG can be said to function in the same way as the natural laws of probability. This is the basis behind the so-called “volatility” associated with the Atlantic slot machine game: the higher the odds of hitting the symbol, the higher your chances of hitting the maximum win.

In this regard, there is another feature of the Atlantis Rising software which needs to be mentioned here. While it is true that the program uses random number generators, it is also true that this randomness has the potential to generate results which are outside the range that would be obtainable using traditional means. Such a power, if properly harnessed, could have the power to render the system of blackjack and roulette completely irrelevant in the eyes of the gaming public. At the present time, it is impossible to say whether or not this potential is actually being harnessed – or if, for that matter, it is even conceivable that such a scenario might realistically be realized. Regardless, it is a fact that the Atlantis Rising computer program possesses what can be called “something beyond the rules of traditional gambling.”

At the present time, it is not possible to determine whether this feature will be realized, but if you log onto the official website, you will find out that it can be achieved. (This is a bonus feature, meaning that if you wish to play with the Atlantis Rising video slot machines, you do not necessarily have to wager actual cash on the machines – you may instead use your own virtual money.) What is more, you can adjust the symbols and the values associated with them, so that every result that you get will be determined by the kind of symbols that you have chosen. This makes winning much easier.