Silver seas

Silver Seas is a three-reel interactive, progressive slot machine. It has free spinning feature that lets you spin a certain number of paylines for free without spending any real cash. Every win is completely independent from the last wins. The free spinning wins are added on to your winnings when you successfully win a pay line.

The machine has four non-motorized reels which spin all the way around the wheel. When the symbols reach the end of their horizontal path they stop and restarts the sequence. There are seven symbols on the reels. In the regular version there are two paying symbols on each of the seven horizontal paylines. The symbols change colors as they move up or down the reels and they change direction as they move in either direction.

Microgaming has been offering slot games since 1998, starting with the popular game called MicroMoney. They later added another popular slot game named Silver Seas to their collection. Since its release, the slot machine has seen a steady increase in players. Now, instead of just being available at the casino or Microgaming casinos, this is now available online for players who want to try it out.