System Bet and combined bet for new users, how to make a good or combined system? In the world of bookmakers, specifically what we focus on is Bwin, one of the most used methodologies by users and with which you can earn more money are combined or systems.

Obviously, having a much higher profit margin than a single bet, the risk is much higher so we will try to explain how to make a good combined bet trying above all to see it from the point of view of someone new and with little balance (I I am still so, so my short but intense experience with the combined ones, I hope it helps. They say that you learn from the sticks).


1. Differences between system and combined

First of all and the most fundamental thing is to differentiate what is a combination and a system since, although they may seem very similar, at the time of betting they are not so much.


Combined: a combined bet consists of grouping a series of events which will form a single bet. This means that if for example you decide to make a combination with 4 sporting events, when you bet you will do it on all 4 at the same time as if they were a single event and therefore depending on everyone’s success in order to win. If you plan to bet X euros, the amount will be indivisible between the events and will be what you have to indicate on the submission form.

The profit quota will be the sum of the quotas of all the chosen events plus a risk parameter that is added and will be greater the greater the quotas chosen in the combined one. For example, two events in combination at less than 1.05 each, would not make us win more than 1.10 (5 cents for each) but a combined of two events of fee 2 each would make us earn more than 4 euros thanks to the factor of risk, what is the difference?

System: the system is a much more dynamic combined type of bet. Here there is no longer the uniformity of the combined, nor the dependence of getting everything right to win. Each event chosen from a system has its own bet, this means that if we take the 4 events previously used for the combined and put them in the system, it will not exercise as a single bet as in the combined one but will exercise as 4 bets if the type The system we choose is the usual one (then we will start to explain the types of systems). The logical consequence of this is that instead of paying for a bet as in the combined one we must pay the 4 bets, as if we bet on the 4 events separately in single bet.

It is important to note that, although in a system each match has its bet, the balance that we can bet on a system must be the same for all, so if in a system we plan to spend 4 euros, if the system is 4 events , in the betting box we must indicate 1 euro and the shipping form will already tell us that what we are paying is 4 euros (1 for each event). Watch not to make mistakes and put 4 euros, because otherwise you would be betting 16 (4×4). This is a mistake that usually occurs among new users. As a last note that the risk factor discussed in the combined here also exists (otherwise it would not be funny and systems would lose their charm).


2. System types and System Bet

As I had said before there are several types of system that make the possibilities of betting on multiple events multiply. As this paper intends to be a help for new users I am going to focus on those that I personally would recommend using to start, and those that I have been using so far.

Trixie and 2/3: in my opinion one of the most basic and useful for new users who do not want / can or should take many risks. Both the trixie system and 2/3 encompass only 3 sporting events, so the risk of being wrong is less than if we did it with 5 or 6 events.

The particularity of the trixie is that you pay more than one bet per event but in return you receive a triple success prize. It differs from the 2/3 system in that if in 2/3 you hit the 3 you do not receive a triple success bonus but only the gain of the three combinations of results 2 to 2.

In the trixie you will have the four winning installments (the 3 2 to 2 and the three together). In this system 4 bets are made, with the minimum to bet on a trixie are two euros (0.50 per bet). For 2/3 there are 3 bets (1.5 minimum at 0.50 per bet). Both in the case of trixie and 2/3, if two of the three results are correct, the benefit of the quota of that pair of successful results is obtained, although generally (unless they are high fees) all the money will not be recovered bet, so keep an eye on what you decide to bet on

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