The Origin of Online Casinos

Origin of Online casinos have seen a huge increase in popularity since their introduction to the Internet about ten years ago. This growth is controversial in some countries, particularly in the United States and some parts of Europe. Where they introduced intransigent laws about gambling in an effort to discourage the citizens of these countries from playing it online. In almost all cases, these laws have failed to achieve their objectives. And they have succeeded in being the sole driving force behind the disappearance of online gambling underground.

Since the emergence of civilization, gambling has been a popular pastime. And it has always been the subject of numerous laws that have attempted to introduce either prohibition or control. Ultimately, in most cases, governments have abandoned their attempts to ban gambling. And have used it instead as a source of income by taxing this industry. Even now in the United States there is a realization that hundreds of thousands of potential tax dollars are being lost by offering online gambling (underground).


Origin of Online Casinos

Online casinos have tried to be virtual models of brick casinos. They offer a similar range of games, including the usual card games such as blackjack, baccarat, and numerous versions of poker. Slots and video games are also available as traditional casino games such as roulette.

Online Casinos

Since the introduction of online casinos, there have been enormous technological developments in slots, communication and software. Where in the early days most people had to gamble with slow computers with limited memory. Internet connections were slow and unreliable, and the software, limited by physical means, was very basic. Today we enjoy amazingly advanced computers.

With a high bandwidth access to a reliable internet service. As a result, we can now expect very advanced software and online casinos. Many have already used it, and in particular in the way the casinos are presented (graphically) with their advanced playing characteristics.


Origin of Online Casinos – Casino Films

 We like to enjoy good Casino movies, well, at least most of us do this, and there are certainly a large number of these made. Of course it is not easy to agree on which one was the best, but here at our favorite is the movie Casino.

This brings us to the last Casino movie that was released in 2014. This movie is directed by George Hickenlooper and written by Norman Snider. The main character, Jack Abramoff, is played by Kevin Spacey and the protagonist Kelly Preston plays his wife Pam Abramoff.

The film is in the genre of drama and documentary trying to tell the story of the real Jack Abramoff, who is still alive and locked up in a prison in Maryland, while serving a five-year and ten-month prison sentence is his destiny. His crime was essentially fraud, conspiracy, tax evasion and bribery. He worked as a lobbyist for the interests of tribal gambling groups (ancient Indian tribes who manage casinos in their reserves). In fact, they cheated casinos for millions of dollars. For example, the casinos pay around $ 85 million in costs for so-called lobbying and in some cases they were actually cheated by lobbying against the interests of their customers.

Online Casinos

Not too much out there has been leaked about the follow-up film, but something to look forward to next year. With a love of casino movies and casino games, we are big fans of both online and offline gaming here at!


Origin of Online Casinos – The House Advantage of Casinos

No matter what you do, how you play or how little you spend, if you gamble in a casino then you are always in the House of Mercy. The casino itself will always use a house advantage, as this is a formula to ensure that the casino always earns more than it pays out. It is very rare that casinos pay for real odds.

There is no real way to overcome this, but you can start carefully by choosing games that have a low house advantage rather than a high one. Some of the worst games and bets in casinos are listed below because of their high house benefits. The Wheel of Fortune, or Big Six Wheel, has good odds usually between 11 and 24 percent, depending on which number you choose to bet on.



When playing roulette, betting on the double zero on American roulette usually has a house advantage of 5.26 percent. The five number basket bet is the worst of the party, including the zero, double zero and the numbers one, two and three, with a house advantage of 7.89 percent.



In craps, the proposition is bets that you can place in the middle of the table and has the highest house advantage. These can stretch to as much as 16.7 percent


When playing baccarat, betting on the player or banker is risky, but worst of all is the band bet that has a house advantage of 14.36 percent.


Caribbean Stud

In Caribbean Stud, a card game, if you decide to place an extra bet for the big progressive jackpot, you can be confronted with a house advantage that on average reaches around 26 percent.


Let It Ride

Let it Ride is a card game in which playing a side bet can cost you dearly. Although the house advantage for the side bet varies in different casinos, they are usually 13-36 percent.

These are the games and bets that are better to avoid if you want to try to keep your hard earned money!

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